My Sympathies

thNZQXDCFDWhen I was a kid I would spend hours on end making up stories then my sisters and I would perform the for our parents, grandparents, neighbors really anyone that was willing to watch. Not to toot my own horn but they were pretty great too. I vividly remember when I made my dad cry for the first time in one of my most poignant scenes to date. It was gut wrenching dramatic.   You know one of those moments when the acting is raw and real. You just cannot help but to fall into the story as if you knew the people intimately and felt dearly for their plight.

Yes, one of those moments. It also helped to have sisters that were artistically gifted. Each one have starred, produced, written and directed short films, Movies Theater and a few even dabble in Broadway. One of my sister even paints and sculpts as well. As a side thing. Yes, we have quite the blessed family.

Then there is my little brother. Now he is something else altogether. I mean there nothing wrong with him, honestly the boy is brilliant. He has an astonishing mind, and genomic personality, and it is like whatever he touches turns to gold. No, this is the jealous sister talking it is just the truth. He has been like that his entire life. Since he was a baby really.

With all this greatness, he suffers from one major flaw, one that has been crippling him his entire life. To be frank it is our fault. My sisters, the six of us, and me just doted on him. Took care of everything he wanted, needed, or thought he needed. No question asks.

My parents are no better. As old, as he is our mother still buys his groceries for his apartment, does his laundry and ironing, makes his meals. Although he lives in the city and my parents live fifteen minutes outside of the city it is, as he never left. And my father, my father make sure he has spending in his checking account, pays his car insurance, and takes him out golfing once a week. Calling it their man time. Whatever that means.

My brother is twenty-seven years old and has never had to lift a finger for anything unless it was something that he just wanted to do.

Now it seems that we have created a lazy man. Well, I think he might be lazy but it is hard to tell sometimes because everyone is always taking care of him. The only reason I would call him lazy is the fact that he never finishes anything. It is not because he is unable to do it; he just stops feeling it and stops.

Because he is who he is, he never really have to face any real consequences, there is always someone there to pick up his slack and take care of whatever problems or deficiency he might have.

After all these years, I am just now recognizing this about him. For years I thought that how we treated, our little brother was normal. I mean no one ever question us, or mention that it was a little much, you know. It did not help that I spent so much time with my siblings and cousins that I never really felt a need to make new friends. I mean yes, there were a few along the way, but nothing can compare to the relationship I have with my sisters and baby brother.

I guess he will just stay like this, I hope whoever he ends up marrying is very understanding and patient. Whoever you are, on behalf of my family, I just wanted to say, sorry.